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Jeremy Lloyd

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Jeremy Lloyd

Message  Invité le Lun 1 Mar 2010 - 20:27

about the shooting of The Avengers and Diana Rigg. He was actor and writer on gthe series. He was 'Bertram Smith' in From Venus With Love and Teddy in Thingumajig. He was married to Joanna Lumley.

Digger: What are your memories of working on The Avengers?

Jeremy: Well, interestingly I just saw the first episode 'In Color' two nights ago and they said this was the first time The Avengers had been in colour, so they had obviously gone to some trouble with casting. And I had a marvellous part in it as a chimney sweep, popping down the chimney and doing so much dialogue I don't know how I remembered it all.

Digger: Didn't have cue cards?

Jeremy: No, no cue cards. (Laughs) I thought I was terrific! And as a result of it I got very friendly with Diana Rigg and I used to take her out to dinner occasionally. And then we found ourselves doing a film in Prague, just before the Russians rolled in, so we had to do a quick escape from there. And she was a very good friend to me.


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